GaSTC Goes Virtual

Submission Deadline: May 10th @ 11:59 pm

千亿体育官网Due to the extenuating circumstances around COVID-19, the decision has been made to hold the 2020 competition virtually.

千亿体育官网During your preparations, please be mindful of social distancing. The safety of all students is very important and it is not advised to video with your partner. An alternate option for recording could be to record one partner live with the 2nd partner virtual. Be creative in recording your virtual presentations and stay safe. 

Virtual Competition Process:

Video presentations will be submitted online and there will be a 1-week judging period after the student submission window closes. Please read all  before beginning work on your project. After all judging has been completed, project and scholarship winners will be posted on the GaSTC Event Website.

Physical awards and t-shirts will be distributed next school year through regional competition directors. Scholarship winners will receive more information via email toward the end of May.

Timeline information

April 27th - May 10th - Project Submission Window
千亿体育官网May 13th - 20th - Judging Window

Programming Challenge

千亿体育官网The programming challenge will also be held remotely. However, no video submission will be required for this. Students in this category will receive information specific to the virtual programming competition later this month.

2020 Competition Update

Our team of volunteers is diligently exploring alternate options to hold the competition in some capacity and we will communicate the details as decisions are made.千亿体育官网 A final decision will be made by the beginning of April. As you can imagine, scheduling an event of this magnitude requires a lot of planning, communication, and effort.

2020 State Competition Has Been Cancelled

千亿体育官网It is with a heavy heart that given the nature of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel this year’s competition. The safety of all participants, judges, and volunteers always comes first.

千亿体育官网Congratulations to all regional first place winners who would have competed at this year’s competition.

千亿体育官网Please stay safe, healthy and we hope to see you at next year’s competition on March 13, 2021.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 6.08.26 PM.png

Food Options This Year

千亿体育官网Parents and students will have various options for lunch and snacks throughout the day. There will be a few options on campus as well as many others within a short drive. See the PDF flyer at the bottom for all information.

On-Campus Dining Options:

  • 千亿体育官网Stingers Buffett (pre-purchase tickets at check-in)

  • 千亿体育官网Starbucks - Grab ‘N’ Go Items

  • 千亿体育官网STACKS Sandwiches and Snacks

Off-Campus Dining Options:

  • 千亿体育官网Cool Beans Coffee

  • 千亿体育官网Marietta Square Market Food Hall

  • Marietta Diner

  • Red Eyed Mule

  • The Big Chicken (KFC)

Campus Map and Parking

The map below includes all buildings relevant to the competition.

  • Participants: Deck P60 (West Visitor Parking) - You will check-in in at building M.

  • Event Staff/Judges: Lot P30 - You will check-in at building Q.

  • Buses千亿体育官网: Student drop-off is just south of building M and parking is in Lot P38 extension

Note: Be sure to arrive with enough time to check in and get your project to the judging area. We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes to an hour prior to your assigned judging time.

Coronavirus Precautions

As our awareness of COVID-19 (caused by the novel coronavirus) has increased, we wanted to share the plans we have in place as the situation evolves. 

千亿体育官网We have been actively monitoring COVID-19 and planning for its potential impact. We continue to engage directly with local and national public health officials, including the CDC, and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

•    The health and well-being of all participants is a main priority for us.
•    We are focusing on hygiene on campus, including hand washing/hand sanitization with students,  and hygiene education.
•    We continue to carefully monitor the situation, and should it become necessary, we may postpone, or cancel this competition based on the most up-to-date information and guidance available. 

•    We encourage all of our families to redouble their use of personal hygiene and prevention measures to stay healthy and reduce the chances of transmission of all illnesses. 
•    We ask that you follow recommendations from the CDC and the U.S. Department of State regarding travel guidance to prevent the spread of this virus. 
•    If anyone in your family presents with flu-like symptoms, we ask that you seek medical attention and stay at home. Everyone should be fever (over 100.4°F) free for 24 hours without medication before attending the competition.


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