GaSTC Goes Virtual

Submission Deadline: May 10th @ 11:59 pm

千亿体育官网Due to the extenuating circumstances around COVID-19, the decision has been made to hold the 2020 competition virtually.

During your preparations, please be mindful of social distancing. The safety of all students is very important and it is not advised to video with your partner. An alternate option for recording could be to record one partner live with the 2nd partner virtual. Be creative in recording your virtual presentations and stay safe. 

Virtual Competition Process:

Video presentations will be submitted online and there will be a 1-week judging period after the student submission window closes. Please read all  before beginning work on your project. After all judging has been completed, project and scholarship winners will be posted on the GaSTC Event Website.

Physical awards and t-shirts will be distributed next school year through regional competition directors. Scholarship winners will receive more information via email toward the end of May.

Timeline information

April 27th - May 10th - Project Submission Window
May 13th - 20th - Judging Window

Programming Challenge

The programming challenge will also be held remotely. However, no video submission will be required for this. Students in this category will receive information specific to the virtual programming competition later this month.


GA Student Technology Competition Sponsors

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